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I confess that Ibvpn surprised me for its performance and target , different from the time I tried it when some small VPN services still could work in China and at that time I didn’t have good experience with Ibvpn as nowadays.

It became more robust and ready to leap over the Great Firewall of China as many companies have failed before it.

Now it is possible to have some good experience on Youtube (as it takes more stability from VPN servers) and Facebook. As I still believe that Chinese users should not rely on USA or HK servers for being obvious that the Firewall will target them, so I try European and Japanese servers to avoid constant disconnection.

Here we can list some of their Achievements and Timeline:


  • Over 50Kclients;
  • 100new ibDNS channels added (180 total);
  • Over 2500positive reviews;
  • 80+servers, 2500+ dynamic IPs located in 35 countries;
  • 11600Twitter followers
  • 2300Google+ followers
  • Support 24/7



  • ibDNS going out of beta, becoming a standalone service – 75+ networks in 26 countries around the globe
  • Added new server in Singapore


  • The Day We Fight Back” digital protest against NSA’s surveillance program
  • Vuze IP Bindto All-In-One VPN Client
  • New and fresh IPsfor 4 of the most used servers US1, DE1, NL1 & NL2


  • We’ve started to upgrade our serversfrom IPv4 to IPv6
  • Introducing Advanced Settingsfor ibVPN client for Android
  • Server added in Tokyo, Japan
  • All-In-One VPN Client 1.2 for Mac– version launched


  • French versionof our website launched
  • Russia and Hong Kong upgradedto support P2P and torrent download


  • The 10th server in US (Miami)has been added
  • France serverupdated
  • 4 new US channelsunblocked via ibDNS – Univision Deportes, FoxSoccer2Go,Encore & Starz
  • Kill Switchfeature added in All-In-One Client for Windows (1.7)
  • 3 new serversin 3 new countries: Warsaw – Poland, Paris – France, Stockholm – Sweden (p2p)


  • Kill Switchadded to All-In-One Client for Mac (1.3)
  • 6 new servers added – Now we have servers in 30 countries! India (Pune), Austria (Vienna), Czech (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Iceland (Hafnarfjordur), Norway (Oslo)


  • Le Tour de Franceonline broadcasters available worldwide through our VPN and DNS solution
  • ibVPN Android app 1.4release


  • 3rd server added in Middle East – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Reached 2000+(funny, sincere and constructive) reviews


  • Our team has been preparing a redesign of our website
  • We were supporting NFL Gamesfans in US, Canada, UK and Ireland


  • We were supporting National Cyber Security AwarenessMonth (NCSAM)


  • New payment options available for ibVPN – PaymentWall and OKPay(Litecoin and OOOPay payments.)


  • Added a new server Lithuania( P2P)
  • We have launched the secondary IP registration option
  • Another 16 channelswere unblocked with ibDNS

As you can see Ibvpn has had a year-around performance and achievements in the past year and they have a lot more to show this year. The invisible man is making history in this challenging VPN Market in China.

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